We are hiring @ Fossbytes

Fossbytes is a fast-growing tech media company with a highly influential media platform. If you are a tech/media-savvy, top-notch colleague with guts and humor and are always ready to go the extra mile, please see the available positions stated below.

Position: Tech Content Creator (Instagram & YouTube)

Status: Vacancy Closed

Location: Delhi-NCR (Noida Sec 1)

Role & Responsibilities:
  1. Research, Write and Present crisp and engaging tech content for Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.
  2. Optimizing content (language, tone, message) based on our audience behavior and social media insights.
  3. Brainstorm with the teams on creative ideas and content. 
  4. Respond to tech-related questions and comments on our social media channels in a timely and accurate manner.

Required Skills & Attitude:

  1. Passion For Tech
    • Must be up-to-date with technology trends.
    • Enthusiasm for the latest Technologies, Phones, Laptops, Android, Apple products, AI, Latest apps, and New Gadgets. 
    • Keen about trying new apps, software, and technologies.
  1. Research Attitude:
    Conducting thorough research on the given topics to come up with engaging content that provides in-depth knowledge of the above-mentioned tech-related topics.
  1. Camera-Friendly:
    Should be comfortable in front of the camera and have good presentation skills (English/Hindi mix)
  1. Good Communicator:
    Must be good at explaining technical things.
  1. A knack for Social Media:
    Must have a good understanding and knack for Social Media channels (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)

Desired Skills:

  1. Experience in writing Tech, Engineering, and science content.
  2. Ability to write concise, attention-grabbing content that puts the thoughts across.
  3. Ability to deliver within short time frames and meet tight deadlines.
  4. Knowledge of SEO, keyword research, and social media analytical tools.
  5. Ability to work with a team and individually.

Educational Qualification:

Bachelors’ Degree

Important note:

  1. Candidates with prior experience in the tech industry along with some skills (know-how) in video production (camera handling, video editing) will be preferred.
  2. Candidates with a background in Computer Science/Tech Journalism or experienced in running their own or working with others’ social media video channels will be preferred.